(Based on this old vine)

A couple of weeks ago catcake reminded me of this vine and we were like yyYYOOOO

Even though my hand is not working correctly (I have an appointment with the doctor on saturday, hopefully it won’t be something serious), I wanted to draw so badly, so here’s Korra. Everything done in one-layer, in about 2 or 3 hs (。´∀`)ノ

I’m just like in love with this dork, even when I’m not good at drawing guys I needed to draw him because yes

Quick fanart of Shima from the manga Principal, by Ikuemi Ryou. Someone need to keep translating this manga, it’s too good to be dropped ;__;

Penelope Pitstop

In spanish she’s called Penélope Glamour hehe (。´∀`)ノ
I did this for Jueves de Interpretación, every thursday we have to interpret and depict different characters!

I just read the first chapter of Shiwa and sweet jesus they are so adorable

The song gives me so many feels, and this manga is definetely going to achieve the same thing ;_;

So a really quick and messy doodle of da cuties

Basically part of my chilhood right here. I used to watch this show before I left for school when I was like 8 years old ;_;

If you are latinamerican you can actually watch it again! 9pm on Boomerang :D

((Also it’s transparent))

Maybe she’s actually there, maybe she’s not a dream

idk i needed to draw my otp and currently im kinda sad so here’s a quick and sad drawing of the shinaya