Penelope Pitstop

In spanish she’s called Penélope Glamour hehe (。´∀`)ノ
I did this for Jueves de Interpretación, every thursday we have to interpret and depict different characters!

I just read the first chapter of Shiwa and sweet jesus they are so adorable

The song gives me so many feels, and this manga is definetely going to achieve the same thing ;_;

So a really quick and messy doodle of da cuties

Basically part of my chilhood right here. I used to watch this show before I left for school when I was like 8 years old ;_;

If you are latinamerican you can actually watch it again! 9pm on Boomerang :D

((Also it’s transparent))

Maybe she’s actually there, maybe she’s not a dream

idk i needed to draw my otp and currently im kinda sad so here’s a quick and sad drawing of the shinaya

Ayano’s face when she discovered Kenjirou’s plans

This looks better irl I promise

Really quick doodle because I’m studying orz

but tomorrow!!!!! ayano!!!!

Something really quick while listening to Kenshi Yonezu’s Donut Hole c:

It was a really stressful week and I’m kinda sick, so drawing for a little while makes me feel better.

Anonymous whispered:

T-thank you so much! I really appreciate your message! ;A; And don’t be :c you surely have your own talents, and if you practice you can achieve the same results as me ;A; I’ve been drawing for more than 10 years, if you saw my old drawings you’d see ;; there are a lot of them in my dA
Thank you again ;u;!

you are trash

when you feel like shit and you start thinking terrible things it’s like having an internal fight with yourself